Albert Hoffmann (Switzerland)


Albert Hoffmann (Switzerland) - Founding member of the Zurich Institute for Philosophical Practice (, Member of the International Society for Philosophical Practice (, Member of the Swiss network of philosophical practitioners (, organizer open philosophical discussions (café-philo) in the center of Zurich, leader his own philosophical practice (

Я and RRRR (me and rare, ridiculous, random rituals) (TED style presentation) 

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There seem to be a certain uneasiness concerning philosophical practice. This uneasiness manifests itself by the search for new formats and by an intensive reflection about the particular nature of this, in its modern form, relatively new activity. What should we do? Critical thinking, meditation, theory, history of philosophy, therapy? And if therapy, what specific sickness are we treating? Since some time, I am experimenting with something what I call "philosophical rituals". These rituals are not meant to copy or replace any existing religious or political rituals. There are my personal way to deal with the unrest and uneasiness provoked by philosophical practice. I would like to share and maybe also transmit my own confusion, my own questions and my own efforts to deal with them. And what if we, in the end, notwithstanding what I've stated before, imitate an old religious ritual, the exorcism, to expel a very special kind of evil spirits?