Alexander Bushev (Russia)


Alexander Bushev (Russia) - Doctor of Philology, Professor, Tver State University

Multiple voices - the discourses of inequality and empowerment in media: gender, race, class, ethnicity (Presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

This presentation is a work in a series of papers devoted to the issues of inequality and linguistic aspects of discourse of inequality. The method used to study this rhetoric is discourse analysis. In modern social discourse we single out white, male, heterosexual, Christian, class and age privilege. All social prejudices are reflected in the discourse either being camouflaged or being the source of hate language. The hate language can be mild and fierce. The presentation discusses the characteristic concepts, metaphors, clichés, and assessments. Author sing out the framework of factual materials, the framework of linguistic constituents, the framework of non-verbal communication, the framework of argumentation, the framework of key communicators and performance framework.