Alexey Lyzlov (Russia)


Alexey Lyzlov (Russia) - candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor of the Department of Contemporary Philosophy Problems of the Philosophy Faculty of the Russian State Humanitarian University (Moscow), psychologist-consultant.

Dasein-analytical approach in medical, psychological and social practice (Presentation)

Presentation Language: English

Although the primacy in the development of Dasein-analysis as a practice, conceptually based on the philosophy of M. Heidegger belongs to L. von Binswanger, Heidegger himself did not agree with Binswanger's interpretation of a number of important topics of his thought, in particular, the theme of "outline". In the post-war years, another Swiss psychiatrist, Medard Boss, met Heidegger, their acquaintance develops into friendship. In collaboration with Heidegger, the Boss is developing its own version of Dasein-analysis. It is on the approach of M. Boss that we focus on in our report. This approach may, in thought Boss, find application in medicine, as well as in psychological and social practice. In medicine, the Dasein-analytical approach involves focusing on the patient's existential capabilities and their implementation in the factuality of his existence; however, the disease is understood as a "privation" of these opportunities. Dasein-analytically oriented medicine involves the patient's active personal participation in the therapeutic process and the doctor's constant openness to the possibility of including psychotherapy in the current treatment process. Working with the client's "existential" being capabilities of the client is also fundamental for Dasein-analytical psychological practice and psychotherapy. At the same time, M. Boss sees his approach as opening up the possibility of "conforming to the Dasein" (Daseinsgemässe) social "psycho-hygiene" aimed at the prevention and treatment of disorders, arising in modern society in connection with ever increasing "technicalization".