Anastasia Avdieva (Russia)


Anastasia Avdieva (Russia) is a teacher of practical philosophy and critical thinking for children and adults in Russia and abroad, the author of a number of programs for the development of critical and creative thinking, a certified teacher of philosophy, founder of the Children's Philosophical Club (Moscow), she is a member of ICPIC, visiting lecturer at the RANEPA Lyceum and the Letovo International School. 

The use of practical philosophy tools for the development of creative and critical thinking in children (Master class) 

Presentation Language: Russian

Philosophical practice - this recently emerged trend in modern education has already won many followers around the world. Philosophical practice develops in children the skills of analysis, reasoning, posing questions, reasoned debate, the ability to listen and understand others. In a game adapted form, children get the opportunity to reason on vital topics, learn to comprehend and be aware of their values. "Philosophy for children" is a qualitative development within the framework of the "Thinking of the 21st Century" concept: clarity, structural, sharpness, flexibility, innovation, and depth. The master class will be interesting for both experienced philosophers and practitioners, and those who are just planning to work with children, as well as for all teachers who are in search of methods for developing creative and critical thinking of children. The structure of the master class: 1) acquaintance with the origins of the method (if necessary, if the audience will be dominated by novice p4c practices); 2) the practical part is an interactive exercise with active facilitation (interpretation, building a dialogue, argumentation, work with hierarchy); 3) analysis of experience. Methodological comments: demonstration of the diversity of materials (stimuli) and areas of work, opportunities of integration with various general subjects, presentation of the work of the Children's Philosophical Club (Moscow).