Anastasia Gulevataya (Russia)


Anastasia Gulevataya (Russia) - philologist, linguist, psychologist in the field of education, visiting teacher at schools and universities, author and teacher of the online course at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow) in presentation literacy, author "Meaning-Form" project (an interdisciplinary educational project in the field of humanitarian and existential skills of the 21st century, necessary to build the desired future and full-fledged self-realization of a person in an era of global change).

Synergetic of education: meta-skills and the search for meanings (Interactive presentation in the TED style) 

Presentation language: Russian

Attention to both the content and the form of training, personal development and communication is a new need in the VUCA-world. In such a complex, uncertain world, the boundaries between work, creativity, learning, play and life are blurred. The urgent task of education is not to tear life from development, and development from life. To pay attention either to the form or only to the meaning of one's life means to stop being whole. We need an integrated approach to education, communication and self-realization. Today it is important to teach the skills of a rapidly changing world, paying attention to key human values helping professional and creative self-realization of a person. A harmonious and holistic personality, capable of fully realizing his talents, is a key goal of the educational path of the future. To live and develop both creatively and professionally in a new complex world, we need universal skills - meta-skills that are used by a person throughout his life in different contexts.