Anders Lindseth (Norway)


Anders Lindseth (Norway) is Professor Emeritus for practical philosophy at the Centre for Practical Knowledge (Nord University); he opened a Philosophical Practice in Tromsø (Norway) in 1989 and he is now offering such practice/counseling in Munich (Germany). 

Philosophical Practice situated in Nature and Freedom (Workshop) 

Presentation Language: English

Goal of Philosophical Practice is self-reflection of the guest of the Practice. Such reflection gives orientation in life. Philosophical Practice is understood as a way to go in conversation, not an instrument to apply. Nevertheless, this way to go can be described in three steps: to open a space in which it is possible for the guest to be heard and to hear himself/herself, to investigate a place appearing in this room opened up, and not to avoid inevitable life topics showing themselves on this place in conversation. To practice in this way affords techné in the Greek sense. And the topos or landscape of such Practice is nature and freedom. In the workshop I wish to show how I practice.