Arina Markova (Russia)


Arina Markova (Russia) - Associate Professor, Department of Film and Television Directing (Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture), member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.

Art-therapy. The development of positive thinking. Work with the text (Workshop) 

Presentation language: Russian

The master class involves working with texts by Arina Markova, stories for children. Leader of the workshop will offered a model of art therapy: after reading the exposition and setting the story, participants in the master class will be invited to complete the story. Trying on the role of the Author, create your own plot. Prerequisite: the plot must end positively. Stories are presented in the context of the most common problems in childhood. Prescribing history, combining it with one's own problems from childhood, processing the problem in a literary word, the author has the opportunity to create a new reality, and most importantly, to change attitudes towards the past.