Carmen Zavala (Peru)


Carmen Zavala (Peru) - Doctor in Philosophy, San Marcos National University, founder The Philosophy Center Buho Rojo (Lima), leader a weekly Philosophical Café (since April 1998), implementator of philosophy websites and videos: Video Program Filosofía al Día, Videos about philosophical practice, The Agora Philosophical Practice website.

Why a Philosophical Café is a perfect setting for Philosophical Practice (Workshop) 

Presentation Language: English

I will show why a philosophical café is the perfect setting for philosophical reflection. Mainstream scholars have been simplifying philosophy to an activity that is limited to reading and writing about philosophical issues, and it has to use clear concepts, because this eases argumentation. We should rather open ourselves to the reality of the 21st century, in which the audiovisual is already an accepted research document and allows us to better analyze all aspects of the activity of thinking that accompany a discourse. To do this, a well conducted Cafe Philo turns out to be an ideal platform for dealing with philosophical issues. The real challenge of philosophy is to reason with people the way they reason in everyday life, at school, on the street, with friends, with co-workers, in the market, in parliament, etc., and to be understood by them. At the end of the day, it is partly based on this type of reasoning that people make decisions in governments and in key positions in society, as well as in the relevant events of their personal lives. We are interested in reflecting on this way of thinking, which is mixed with a series of factors not expressed in language - because this is the way our thinking actually happens. To illustrate my point, I will show some scenes from our philosophical cafe on video for 3 to 5 minutes.