Darija Rupčić Kelam (Croatia)


Darija Rupčić Kelam (Croatia) - PhD, Associate professor, The Faculty of humanities and social sciences at University of J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek, an author of the book on Bioethical aspects of the status of the human embryo, the meaning of the life in general

Care and Empathy as a crucial Quality for Social and Personal Change (Interactive presentation in TED style) 

Presentation Language: English

If the contemporary man of the 21st century really want to put under control one of the greatest evil of the humankind in general, which is a shortage of food or hunger, an epidemic of contagious diseases and wars, then remains the question with which man is first encountered at dawn of the third millennium, it is a question of what to do with yourself? This question becomes extremely important if we take into account the immense growing power that biotechnology and information technology offers us. What to do with so much power? Nevertheless, what becomes the most obvious question is whether a man has become better and more moral, empathetic and more caring than that? What seems to be more and more concerned with the contemporary man is questions of immortality, happiness, and divinity, and ultimately his improvements as a moral agent. On these and many other questions, we will try to answer through the paradigm of ethics of care, and with it closely related the question of empathy. Can ethics of care, compassion, and empathy provide us some answers and become a path to a more moral world?