David Larsson (Denmark)


David Larsson (Denmark) is chairman of the Danish Society for Philosophical Practice, MA in Philosophy and Japanese at the University of Copenhagen with a specialization in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind at the Center for Subjectivity Research, philosophical counselor and philosophical practitioner and has worked extensively with individual counseling and Socratic group dialogue, he has held several positions in the field of social psychiatry with a strong focus on vulnerable children and crime-prone young adults diagnosed with ADHD, ASP, clinical depression and anxiety disorders

Pop-Up Philosophical Practice - A Powerful Platform for Philosophical Dialogue (Interactive presentation in the TED style) 

Presentation Language: English

What happens when a philosopher sits down in a public library with a sign reading "Ask me anything"? What kind of questions is he asked? What do the questions reveal about contemporary public sentiments about philosophy, ethics and the good life? Why is it important that philosophers engage in this form of unscripted dialogue with the general public? Author shares his experiences with this type of dialogue and argues that "Pop-Up Philosophical Practice" - the practice of offering impromptu philosophical counseling to the public - is a powerful method for promoting philosophical wonder in society and breaking down public misconceptions about the nature and purpose of philosophical practice. Author shows how this approach can serve as a platform for aspiring philosophical practitioners and students of philosophy to engage in philosophical dialogue grounded in real-life problems. The message is simple: just get out there and do it.