Detlef Staude (Switzerland)


Detlef Staude (Switzerland) - Master of Philosophy, has been leading philosophical practice in Bern ( for 24 years, president of the Swiss network of philosophical practitioners (, author of several books on philosophical practice, organizer of the 14th International Conference on Philosophical Practice 2016 in Bern (Switzerland).

Philosophical Practice and Social Responsibility (Lecture) 

Presentation Language: English

Starting from the question of what social responsibility philosophical practice has, the author poses the thesis that philosophical practice is based on commitment to public reflection on current issues. Starting from well-known Russians in Switzerland who, as philosophers, have taken their social and political responsibility seriously, he takes up the question of how political the social commitment of philosophical practice is and should be. He points out that the main task of philosophical practice is to create public spaces for reflection in society, and then uses examples to examine what this means in concrete terms and what typical difficulties arise in the process. It shows that philosophical practice cannot be only philosophical consultation, but only through its diversity can it fulfill its social responsibility.