Ekaterina Kalutskikh (Russia)


Ekaterina Kalutskikh (Russia) - primary school teacher, philologist, chess teacher, organizer of the branch of the children's public organization Philosophy for Children (Perm), head of the speech culture center "Thousand Roads", entrepreneur.

Changing your speech means changing your life! (Presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

Thought + word + deed = trinity, determining life. Speech affects thinking in the same way that thinking affects speech. Sometimes this process comes to a standstill. How to reach the level of development in a spiral? Your speech is a guide to the world of success. The areas of influence of our speech are much wider than we imagine. Changing speech, we change our environment and, in fact, format our own beliefs and attitudes that are laid in childhood. The simplicity and beauty of speech is an indicator of the degree of upbringing and education of a person. It is necessary to show the possibilities of the language field, starting from the school bench. Zones of dependence and independence, responsibility and infantility are hidden in the language. The unlimited space of language can influence people, leading them out of the crisis, giving them confidence and leading to success in various areas of life. Through changes in speech structures, a person acquires new communication skills, expands the vocabulary. The driving force of language is the question. The question wakes up thoughts, excites the speech centers of the brain; questions show us the horizons of the future, form goals. Questioning is impossible without careful listening, which affects the degree of trust in communication. The speech culture center "Thousand Roads" is open to innovations; we are ready to share our best practices.