Elena Sych (Russia)


Elena Sych (Russia) - children's poet

Children's poetry as a practice of self-knowledge of an adult (Workshop)

Presentation language: Russian 

Any poetry, especially children's, firstly, should not be boring. This does not mean that it should only entertain. It should teach, but without edification. Secondly, children's poems should be easy to pronounce and remember. Thirdly, they should be bright, even if they say sad things. Let's not forget that children are inherently incorrigible optimists! The goal of the workshop is to show that poems for children can be created by authors of any age. The leader of the workshop will introduce the main techniques of versification for children; will show with the help of children's poems the inner world of the child and the world of an adult; help develop creative skills and arouse interest in the sounding word.