Evgenia Emchenko (Russia)


Evgenia Emchenko (Russia) - Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, South Ural State University

Reading Ecology (Presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

The number of books is growing, the number of book authors is increasing, the genre features of literary works are expanding ... At the same time, reading interest is dropping, the passion for reading is weakening, except that only "easily accessible" entertaining literature is "friends" with a certain contingent of readers. Someone may exclaim: "There are so many books as there are difficulties in life that you can't keep track of everything, it's hard to choose, and you don't really want to strain your intellect by reading! Reading is a vacation! " Of course, reading has passed away ... That's why it is so important today to talk about reading as an activity, and even more important to talk about the ecology of reading. Ecology is known to be the contour of any kind of activity, since (we refer to the ancient Greeks) is a habitat, a refuge for something. The ecology of reading is the attitude of the reader and the author of the text, this is communication that should be beneficial, as it also reveals the value of the environment in which the reader is immersed.