(NEW) Fabio Andrés Galvis Gómez (Colombia / Russia)


Fabio Andrés Galvis Gómez (Colombia / Russia) - PhD Student at Ural Federal University, Philosopher, Mg. Human Sciences, Mg. Political philosophy, junior researcher at "Laboratory for Comparative Studies of Toleration" (Ural Federal University, Russia).

The promotion of critical thinking in education through architectural design. A critical approach to Lefebvre's production of the social space (Interactive presentation in the TED style)

Presentation language: English

The presentation will expose Lefebvre's production of the social space concept through the prism of the Swedish Vittra schools' experiences. My aim is to show the philosophical theory of Lefebvre as a way to read the architecture and its interaction with us in the educational context. It will be studied that the space preexists us in certain form and function; however, it can be reconstructed thanks to the interaction with the actants. Such reconstruction will be considered to show how transversal knowledge, new teaching strategies, individualization and humanization of the relationship among teachers and students and more interesting learning processes, are part of a structure that has as a cornerstone, the appropriate production of the educational space. Thus, the presentation concludes demonstrating that the subject and its educational processes should be thought from temporal and spatial categories.