Fernanda Aversa (Italy)


Fernanda Aversa (Italy) - Philosophical Counselor since 2012, editor and editorial consultant, PhD in Philosophy, Master in Philosophical Practices and a Master in Philosophy, Logic, Historiography. University of Rome 3 and Agàpe Philosophy School

Castaways in search of a star. An experiment of Philosophical Practice in jail (Book presentation) 

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In the last decade a series of dramatic events has upset our world challenging the chance to dialogue itself and intercultural work recalling the heavy word of 'enemy'. Problematically pondering over the etymologic researches led by E. Benveniste on the terms: hostis, hospes and hosti-pet, Derrida remarked a clinging bond between 'host' and 'enemy' (as to say that the foreigner is welcomed as a host or as an enemy). In everyday's life, 'the world's life', how should we move in this net in which we are stuck, if not operating a continuous decentralization action, in order to put the other always in the centre, there where it is possible to meet it? It's vitally important thus to consider a subjectivity that opens itself to the plurality of experiences, at the plurality of life stories and possible communication with different personal experiences, because who we are is shown by what we say and do while staying with other people, through dialogue and interaction. In Ricoeur's point of view, it is possible to find the wisdom of starting from himself as the capability of turning fate in destiny and lead experience subjectivity farther than the ego immediacy, in that field of exchange and coexistence that is the shared world, the 'between us' we live in. In Philosophical Practice Project proposed inside the High Security Department, among those who are thrown in a border-line situation, it's therefore about rethinking together the concept of the human being and other themes and basic categories of existence, explaining some relationship's innate chances with the 'Other' and in relation with a community.