Flora Kim (Russia)


Flora Kim (Russia) - Associate Professor, Department of Humanitarian and Economic Disciplines, Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI), Branch in Bronnitsy.

Teaching as a practical philosophy of stoicism (Presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

The search for meaningfulness and integrity of life is one of the main human needs. In the first quarter of the twenty-first century significant social changes associated with the spread of information technology and the intensity of information exchange along with the unconditional pluses, have a flip side. Modern formats of information presentation accustom to its superficial perception, attract attention not to the meaning and validity of argumentation, but to form; not to fact, but to sensation; they create an imitation of a fulfilled and meaningful life, an illusion of their own significance, using new opportunities for manipulating a person. The main competencies necessary for everyone in real life are the so-called "soft skills": critical thinking, creativity, communication and cooperation. It is philosophy that develops the critical thinking, the ability to consciously perceive information, verify the validity of argumentation and formulate their position, which contributes to communication. One way to familiarize yourself with philosophy is to study it at a university. However, this faces great difficulties. Quick access to information creates the illusion of omniscience among students. At the same time, they lack the skills of independent effective search, understanding and evaluation of information, ability to use the advantages of modern methods of translation and knowledge preservation. Painstaking work with students is required, which includes joint reading and analysis of texts, developing skills for structuring information, solving logical problems, discussing and interpretation of philosophical aphorisms. Can to assert that the work of a teacher of philosophy at a technical university is a deliberate practice of stoicism.