Georgy Yachmenev (Russia)


Georgy Yachmenev (Russia) - student at Chelyabinsk State University

The difficulty of a philosophical lifestyle in terms of analytical psychology (Presentation) 

Presentation Language: English

In modern realities, the appearance of vivid philosophical works is less and less noticed. But instead of philosophy, the field of fiction is actively developing. It is assumed that philosophizing over time is increasingly redirected to the field of prose and poetic works and this is due to the mechanisms of psychological defense. Using the tools of analytical psychology, the author determines the need to use the personification method for the most understandable expression of philosophical categories. This approach to philosophizing is conditioned by the fact that the pure abstractions with which the philosopher operates are often difficult to perceive. To make it easier to assimilate such knowledge, analytical psychology considers it most acceptable to explain the categorial apparatus in the spirit of artistic images, prose or poetic fiction. As a result, the psychological doctrine proclaims philosophical practice as the same artistic craft, while avoiding the danger of becoming a victim of an unconscious and meaningless lifestyle among non-personalized concepts.