II Online Conference on Philosophical Practice (July 27-30, 2021)


Philosophical practice for self-knowledge by means of intellectual creativity

South Ural State University (National Research University)

Association of philosophers-practitioners "Ratio"

Conference Program Committee:

Borisov S.V. (Russia) (chairman), Amir L. (Israel) (vice chairman), Anatasopolus K. (Greece), Achenbach G. (Germany), Barrientos J. (Spain), Brenifier O. (France), Weiss M. ( Norway), Kono T. (Japan), Cohan W. (Brazil), Lindseth A. (Norway), Marinelli G. (Italy), Marinoff L. (USA), Pollastry N. (Italy), Rhee Y. (South Korea), Roth M. (Germany), Sumiacher D. (Argentina), Tillmanns M. (USA), Fatic A. (Serbia), Helskog G. (Norway), Houni P. ( Finland), Chernenko V. (Russia), Staude D. (Switzerland), Shukla A. (India)

Conference Organizing Committee:

Borisov S.V. (chairman), Svetlov R.V. (vice chairman), Alexandrova L.D., Bogdanova V.O., Gladyshev V.I., Grednovskaya E.V., Dydrov A.A., Emchenko E.P., Kamalieva I.R., Klenovskaya V.A., Milyaeva E.G., Pashchenko O.V., Rezvushkin K.E., Chernenko V., Kurygina L. 


II Online Conference on Philosophical Practice "Philosophical practice for self-knowledge by means of intellectual creativity"

Moscow time is in the schedule, be attentive!

One-day online courses before the conference:


Courses by Ora Gruengard (Language: English / Russian) 

12:00 - 15:00

17:00 - 20:00


In different rooms at the same time:

Courses by Gerd Achenbach (Language: German / English / Russian
12:00 - 15:00
17:00 - 20:00

Courses by José Barrientos-Rastrojo (Language: English / Spanish

15:00 - 18:00

19:00 - 22:00


12:00 Conference Opening (Language: English / Russian) Video 

12:30 Welcome speech by Gerd Achenbach, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of philosophical practice: Psychoanalysts rummage the underground, transcendental-philosophical cloud-hoppers lose themselves in thin air, the philosophical practitioner dedicates himself to the guest in the bel étage (Language: German / English / Russian) 

Gerd B. Achenbach Opening lecture (in German): 

Gerd B. Achenbach Opening lecture (in English):

Lectures followed by discussion: 

14:00 Neri Pollastri (Italy) Knowing, to be free not to heal (Language: English) Video 

15:00 Pia Houni, Anu Virtanen (Finland) Nelsonian Socratic Dialogue as an Ethical Practice (Language: English) Video 

16:00 Ora Gruengard (Israel) Can philosophical counseling be detached from politics? (Language: English) Video 

17:00 Aleksandar Fatić (Serbia) How could they have done such a thing? (Language: English) Video 

18:00 Konul Bunyatzada (Azerbaijan) Sufism as a method of Philosophical Counseling (Language: English) Video 

19:00 Shanti (Barbara) Jones (USA) Mis-measure for Measure (Language: English) Video 

Patrizia Cipolletta (Italy) Practical philosophy and philosophical practices Video-Presentation (Language: Italian with English subtitles)

20:00 Panel discussion: Philosophical Practice and the Arts (Language: English) Video 

Moderator: Lydia Amir (Sculping Space)

Participants: Vaughana Feary (Poetry), Mike Roth (Drama), Ora Gruengard (Literature), Shanti (Painting), Leo Hemetsberger (Music)


11:00 Panel discussion: Philosophical Practice and Research (Language: English) Video   

Moderator: Michael Noah Weiss (Norway)

Participants: Anders Lindseth (Norway), Donata Romizi (Austria), José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain), Guro Hansen Helskog (Norway) 

Lectures followed by discussion

14:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

Natalya Artemenko (Russia) Oral history, remembering practices and the problem of "access" to the traumatic experience (Language: Russian) Video 

Maya Levanon (Israel) Philosophical Guidance for the Reflective Psychonaut (Language: English) Video 


15:30 (in different rooms at the same time): 

Guro Hansen Helskog (Norway) What is the Dialogos approach or Wtat does it imply to act ethically? (Language: English) (Workshop did not take place)

Yana Makakenko (Russia) How can we talk about death? (Language: Russian) Video 

17:00 (in different rooms at the same time): 

Pia Houni (Finland) Creativity and Rationality - Art-based Socratic Dialogue (Language: English) Video 

Oleg Valuev (Russia) Existential motto as a philosophical and psychological practice of resolving personal problems and life difficulties (Language: Russian) Video 

18:30 Panel discussion: Philosophy in Prisons: BOECIO Project as a way of emancipation inside prison and beyond (Language: English) Video 

Moderator: José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain)

Participants: Edson R. Nardi (Brasil), Ángel Alonso (Mexico), Raúl Henriq (Spain), Marco Antonio López Cortés (Mexico), Cristal O. Luna Almaguer (Mexico)

20:00 Lecture followed by discussion:

Lydia Amir (Israel) Philosophical Practice and Justice: Uncritical Assumptions, Reasons and Consequences (Language: English / Russian) Video 

21:00 Workshop:

David Sumiacher (Argentina) Philosophical practices with corporal actions (Language: English) Video 


Lectures followed by discussion:

11:00 (in different rooms at the same time): 

Antonio Sandu (Romania) Experiential Approach and Non-Dualistic Meditation in Philosophical Practice (Language: English) Video  

Oleg Valuev (Russia) Cultural and historical practices of life during a pandemic: overcoming the apocalyptic time (Language: Russian) Video   

12:30 Maya Levanon (Israel) Philosophical Education as a vaccine for Fake News (Language: English) (Lecture did not take place)


14:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

Riella Morhayim (Turkey) Philosophical Counseling On Anxiety (Language: English) (Workshop did not take place)    

Sergey Borisov (Russia) Philosophy as a personal project (Language: Russian) Video 

Panel Discussions:

15:30 (in different rooms at the same time):   

The body and philosophical practice (Language: English) Video 

Moderator: David Sumiacher (Argentina)

Participants: Lydia Amir (Israel), José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain), Guro Hansen Helskog (Norway), Narelle Arcidiacono (Australia)

"Hermeneutics of the Subject" on the hermeneutics of the client (Language: Russian) Video 

Moderator: Nikolay Khmyrov (Russia)

Participants: Artur Krasyukov (Russia), Yulia Monina (Russia), Andrey Sizov (Russia)


17:00 Guro Hansen Helskog, Michael Noah Weiss (Norway) Reflective Practice Research Dialogues: Demonstrating a Format for Research Dialogues based on Philosophical Practice (Language: English) Video 

18:30 Mike Roth (Germany) Doing philosophy together: narrative philosophy (Michael Hampe), fictional practitioners (Leon de Haas) & philodrama (Language: English) Video 

20:00 Panel discussion: Philosophy of imagination: imagination and thought in philosophical practice (Language: English) Video 

Moderator: Giancarlo Marinelli (Italy)

Participants: Lydia Amir (Israel), José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain), David Sumiacher (Argentina), Lou Marinoff (USA)

Lecture followed by discussion:

21:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

André Almeida (Brazil) Philosophical Practice and the Decision-Making of Business Executives (Language: English) Video 

Jon Borowicz (USA) Philosophical Practice as a Re-imagined Cynicism (Language: English) Video 


Presentations (will take place in the same virtual room):

10:00 Ekaterina Polukhina (Russia) The experience of self-knowledge and the development of authenticity through Deep Philosophy (Language: Russian) Video 

10:30 Tea Radovic (Serbia) Superposition and Entanglement of Quantum Personality (Language: English) Video     

11:00 Young Ki Kim (South Korea) A Preliminary Study on the Possibility of Integration between Antique Tragedy and Philosophical Counseling (Language: English) Video 

11:30 Kamya Rago (India) Is philosophy dead? Rejuvenating philosophy through philosophy for children (Language: English) (Presentation did not take place)

12:00 Chi Sung Gi (South Korea) A study on philosophical counseling techniques using "Book of Changes", zhòng tiān Qian, and 'yáo wèi theory' (Language: English) (Presentation did not take place)

12:30 Abhishek Shukla (India) An Inquiry into The Nature of Philosophy with Special Reference to The Children's Ability to Think Philosophically (Language: English) Video 

Tae Hee Kim (South Korea) An Investigation on Chun Gyeong-ja's Paintings Containing the Idea of San Yu or Chang Yu (Language: English) (Presentation did not take place)

13:00 Taisiya Kondratyeva (Russia) Discussion: Educational programs in philosophical practice. What is problematic about them? (Language: English)  Video 

14:00 Nikolay Khmyrov, Maria Dmitrieva (Russia) Does business need philosophical practice? Understanding the corporate experience (Language: Russian) Video 

14:30 Arcangela Miceli (Italy) The philosophical game, inductive-ludosophical method and its application (Language: Italian / English) Video 

15:00 Gulnara Shalagina (Russia) On the heuristic potential of academic philosophy for philosophical practice (in memory of Leon de Haas) (Language: Russian) Video 

15:30 Fabio Andrés Galvis Gómez (Colombia / Russia) The promotion of critical thinking in education through architectural design. A critical approach to Lefebvre's production of the social space (Language: English) Video 

16:00 Federico Emmanuel Mana (Argentina) Void and fiction: a new methodological approach for philosophical counselling (Language: English) Video 

Presentations of books, journals, projects: 

17:00 José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain) (Language: English) Video 

- Presentation of the International Journal on Philosophical Practice HASER 

-  Experiencial Philosophical Practice. Beyond philosophical posturing (Book Presentation)

18:00 David Sumiacher (Argentina) (Language: English) Video 

- Philosophy in motion. State and situation of philosophical practices in the world

- ICPP Website

19:00 André L. Santos de Almeida (Brazil), Taisiya Kondratyeva (Russia), Alexandra Konoplyanik (Russia/UK), Agatha (Lan-Fang) Liu (Taiwan/UK), Aleksa Babic (Serbia) Space for worldwide collaboration: The Philosophical Practice Hub Project (Language: English) Video 

19:30 Jörn Kroll (USA) Advancing Human Development: Esoteric Philosophy and the Major Cultural Role of Russia in the Writings of Alice A. Bailey (Book Presentation) (Language: English) Video 

20:00 Plenary: Election of the host of the 17th ICPP.  The ICPP international acknowledgment ceremony. Closing of the conference (Language: English / Russian) Video 

One-day online courses after the conference:


In different rooms at the same time:

Courses by Lou Marinoff (Language: English / Russian) 

15:00 - 18:00

19:00 - 22:00

Courses by Oscar Brenifier (Language: English / Russian) 

12:00 - 15:00

17:00 - 20:00


Courses by Lydia Amir (Language: English / Russian)   

15:00 - 18:00

19:00 - 22:00

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