Ivan Snetkov (Russia)


Ivan Snetkov (Russia) - Bachelor of Philosophy at St. Petersburg State University, Master's degree at the Institute of Philosophy of St. Petersburg State University

Sophistry as a way of implementing philosophical practice in education (Interactive TED style presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

The author has set the task of reconstructing the process of learning that the sophists have used. The author proves the thesis of the relevance of the integration of the pedagogical elements of sophistry in modern educational practice. To confirm this thesis, a comparison is made of the results of solving the problem posed by the author with the situation of modern classical education. The process sophist pedagogy consists in forcing the student to speak in order to provoke the thought process. Thus, the process of understanding is not an understanding of the true meaning of things, but the process of inventing this meaning. The goal of sophist pedagogy is the ability to navigate in a specific situation. As a result of sophist pedagogy the following is achieved: 1) personal development, and not knowledge transfer; 2) going beyond the limits of knowledge, thinking; 3) the prevalence of the creative aspect of thinking. As a result, the sophist pedagogy of implementing philosophical practice in education is extremely relevant within the framework of a creatively critical approach in pedagogy.