Jorge Humberto Dias, Tiago Gonçalves Pita (Portugal)


Evaluation of philosophical consultations in Portugal (Lecture) 

Presentation Language: English

Jorge Humberto Dias (Portugal) - PhD in Moral Philosophy, Catholic University of Portugal, coordinator of the research line in Applied Philosophy and of the research project "Perspectives about happiness. Contributions to Portugal in the World Happiness Report (UN)", director the Office PROJECT @ - Philosophical Consulting.

Tiago Gonçalves Pita (Portugal) - professor of Philosophy and Psychology in the pedagogical area of ​​Baixo Alentejo / Alentejo Litoral, trainer and Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Association for Ethical Advice and Philosophy (APAEF)

This communication will be carried out in partnership with my colleague Tiago Pita (Phd in psychology). In 2008 I created the PROJECT@ Office - a corporate brand for the business of philosophy consultations. In 2020, Tiago Pita and I decided to evaluate the work done in the consultations. For this, a Questionnaire was prepared, which the customers/clients answered at the end of the consultations. At this conference, we will present the results and open a space for debate with colleagues from other countries. Our goal is to publish a paper in an indexed academic journal. We have already contacted an international journal and informed it about our work and intention. We are aware that this is an innovative work, but also fundamental for the evolution of philosophical counselling as a discipline. Up to the present day, we do not know any work of the kind.