(NEW) Jörn Kroll (USA)


Jörn Kroll (USA) - attended the University of Göttingen (Germany) and the University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.). Member: American Philosophical Practitioners Association; Karl Jaspers Society of North America; American Philosophical Association; Institute of Noetic Sciences; Scientific and Medical Network (London). Interdependent Scholar.  

Advancing Human Development: Esoteric Philosophy and the Major Cultural Role of Russia in the Writings of Alice A. Bailey (Book Presentation)

Presentation Language: English 

From the earliest beginnings of Western philosophy, a spiritual dimension has always been an important and rejuvenating driving force. Yet such a comprehensive perspective is almost absent in contemporary Western philosophy. The once venerated "Love of Wisdom" is hardly to be found in academia. My presentation intends to introduce the audience to the writings of Alice A. Bailey, which were written during the 30-year period between 1919 and 1949. Her 24 books present a vast cosmology, a sophisticated and detailed psychology, a subtle-body physiology along energetic lines, perennial wisdom blended with contemporary science, and ample guidance for right human relations. Additionally, her works give profound insights into the nature of consciousness as well as to physical substance or matter. The main focus of my presentation will be on the expansion and refinement of our perception, intuition, and thinking as a result of esoteric studies and various forms of spiritual exercise. This approach toward the growth of practical wisdom is based on the truism that our perception, thinking, emotional capacities, and human relations are only as effective and beneficial as our somatic, psychological, and mental constitution admits. The range and quality of our sense perception, thinking, and human relations are directly proportional to the degree of development of our individual constitution which is the sum total of our dense and subtle physiology. Therefore, we cannot merely reason our way out of our self-made cage of rudimentary rationality. We must, instead, refine and expand the inherent powers of our human body itself so that it can be a suitable vessel for our soul and spirit. This task is both an enormous challenge and a great opportunity for the humanities (holistic education). The works of Bailey contain also astute statements about the contributions of different countries to the welfare of humanity. My presentation will close with a brief report on the specific contribution of Russia to the evolution of human civilization. Russia, "that great nation (a synthesis of East and West)" is portrayed as the harbinger of a new world consciousness. "Russia is the home of a germinating revelation of great spiritual value and group significance-a revelation for all mankind." These and similar statements about Russia's major international contribution-fully flourishing in the future-are closely linked to the main subject of my presentation.