Jörn Kroll (USA)

Jörn Kroll (USA) - PhD, University of California, Berkeley. American Philosophical Practitioners Association; Karl Jaspers Society of North America; American Philosophical Association; Friedrich Nietzsche Society of the UK and Ireland; Institute of Noetic Sciences 

The Diamond Approach: A Psychodynamic Epistemology for Knowing Yourself (Lecture)

Presentation Language: English 

The Diamond Approach is a progressive method of inquiry that assists individuals in becoming aware of how we construct, distort, and manipulate our perception of self, others, and the world. One goal of the Diamond Approach is to enable us to function in this world most effectively, harmoniously, and joyfully by understanding the obstacles, filters, and blinders we are imposing on our everyday experiences. The presentation identifies the main principles, levels, and focal points which A. H. Almaas, the Diamond Approach's founder, and associates have identified in detail in about 25 books on various aspects of our psychodynamic unfolding. The disentangling of our true Self creatively employs our intellect, but necessarily engages also our entire person. The presentation outlines the Diamond Approach's comprehensive, sophisticated, and subtle means of exploring and knowing ourselves through open-ended inquiry. Exercises for experiencing increasingly finer levels of consciousness, as explained in the books published in various languages, will make this progressive path more tangible. The Diamond Approach, by making us aware of our reifying tendencies to identify with objects, habits, mental images, traditions, and ideas, is a radical return to our roots, i.e., not only to the roots of our Western and Eastern philosophical and religious traditions, but most importantly to our essence or true identity, which is beyond time and space. The freedom thus gained includes being free even of the loftiest ideas. Ultimately, our purpose is not only to love wisdom, but also to embody and live it with our whole being.