(NEW) Kamya Rago (India)


Kamya Rago (India) - MA Philosophy, University of Kerala; NGO Lifeworld Foundation (India); passionate about philosophy for children; planning to do PhD in P4C.

Is philosophy dead? Rejuvenating philosophy through philosophy for children (Presentation) 

Presentation language: English

A serious criticism made by my friend was that philosophy is dead and it has got no more room anywhere. Why do even some people think so? why do they perceive philosophy for children as a utopian idea? In this paper, I want to address why a part of the population views philosophy as an old-school idea and why philosophy for children is a necessity for the self-development and wisdom of children. Philosophy for children is not given the prior value in many countries including my country, India. As philosophical practitioners, we have the responsibility to ramp up the efficacy of P4C and how beneficial the children are going to be. Information is not wisdom. Wisdom is the threshold to the serene realm of self-development, self-understanding, and self-acceptance. If the children are taken to the path of wisdom through P4C, that will be the illuminating power to a better living and the acceptance of an individual as he is. As Susan T. Gardner mentioned in her theory, the practical reasoning which is essential for the betterment of self can be ensured by P4C and we have to make it fathomable to the crowd, and the educational system. Mutual acceptance and respect of opinions are crucial for healthy relations. I want to make it clear that itis possible through p4c as we are helping the little ones to mold their thinking and understanding in an actual way for a better tomorrow.