(NEW) Konul Bunyatzada (Azerbaijan)


Konul Bunyatzada (Azerbaijan) - Prof.Dr., Correspondent Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences; Head of the Department of Islamic Philosophy

 Sufism as a method of Philosophical Counseling (Presentation) 

Presentation Language: English

Sufism is not just mystical rituals. It is a process of cognition of the human beings based on their spiritual practice. It will help them to cognize themselves and rely on themselves. It will make them more tolerant and stronger in their daily life. Sufi method offers to use the irrational practice. It is not isolation from the society. It is a using of power of Soul in daily life. It is an improvement of rational knowledge by irrational one and a spirit's practice and transition to another - the third - dimension. Faith obtains a very strong power and it can be used as a motivating force and a source of infinite energy. It is a philosophical counselor who should be a guide knowing how to discover this power and to direct it. We substantiate the fact that the achieving of spiritual power and knowledge during this process - ma'rifat - should complete the rational thinking. Every problem in the life is a disagreement between the mind and the soul. The Sufi practice can return the equilibrium between them. The stages of Sufi practice help to stand face to face with soul and consider the problem coming from the inner world. The Sufi stages of philosophical counselling are observation (murāqabah), nearness (qurb), fear or love, hope, intimacy (uns), tranquility (itma'ninat) and certainty (yaqin). The Sufi thinkers consider yaqin a basis of all states as well as all of them are beginning from it and coming to an end here.