Lou Marinoff (USA)


Lou Marinoff (USA) - Professor of Philosophy, Dean of the Department of Philosophy, City College of New York (USA), President of the American Association of Practical Philosophers (APPA). Largely thanks to his efforts, the movement of philosophical practice became popular. A huge role in this was played by his best-selling book Plato, not prozac! Applying philosophy to everyday problems (1999), translated into many languages ​​of the world. He is one of the most recognizable and readable authors in the world. 

Humanities Therapy as a Remedy for Detriments of Technosociety  (Lecture)

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Globalization and the digital revolution are transforming human civilization in unprecedented ways, in large measure via innovation as well as imposition of emergent technologies on growing numbers of consumers. While these transformations confer undeniable benefits to humanity, the benefits are bundled with a corresponding set of detriments. Lector does not contest the benefits, but confronts the detriments. It appeals to humanities therapy as a remedy for many of the cognate problems experienced by individuals and societies alike, problems that stem from overexposure to technologies and underexposure to humanities.