Maria Volodina (Russia)


Maria Volodina (Russia) - philosopher practitioner, critical thinking coach. Her philosophical journey began with working with children using the critical thinking method, after which she continued her professional training and now leads personal consultations and teaches others this method. Her area of ​​interest is to translate theory into life and look at how life is changing.

Self-consultation or how to ask yourself questions (Lecture) 

Presentation language: Russian

Among the various exercises of philosophical practice, there is one that can be practiced alone: ​​self-consultation. This is a written form of self-test. To do this orally would not be strict enough and too approximate. The principle is the same as in the "ordinary" consultation, except that both interlocutors are the same person. Those who practice this exercise should, in turn, play the role of the "subject" and the role of the "philosopher", like playing a game of chess with yourself. The work begins with a question that interests or worries the "subject," then the "philosopher" asks a series of questions to deepen the problem and consider new hypotheses, with often surprising results. The main problem is to ask effective questions and to avoid complacency, which requires some preparation. The session I invite you to will be an introduction to this practice or additional training for those already initiated.