Maxim Salimgareev (Russia)


Maxim Salimgareev (Russia) - candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of Kazan National Research Technological University.

Journey inward: the stoic way of gaining depth (Presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

The ancient school tradition of Stoicism was able not only to rationally substantiate the most important ethical postulates that formed the basis of the Christian world, but also to develop practical methods for gaining a new dimension of consciousness. The initial installation of the stoic system says: all that we can do in relation to ourselves is to live in accordance with our nature. Since it stems from a single source of life for the Logos, a person can choose the path of coordinated unity with him and with the whole human race. This is a guarantee of true fullness and living in the present time. Any deviation that pushes us to the surface of life, blocks our connection with the primary source, makes us suffer. Therefore, the preferred goal is the desire to minimize the impact of emerging dysfunctionality, expanding the space of awareness. Stoicism recognizes virtue as the highest good, for these is qualities that are preferred in all situations. To them the Stoics include: rationality, moderation, justice, and valor. This is the best way to build an internal balance, a balance of vital energy. An amazing finding of the Stoics can be considered the rule dichotomy of control. In accordance with it, everything that happens should be attributed to two ranks of phenomena that depend and are not dependent on us. Such a principle, frees the mind from under the burden of dilemmas burdensome for it, directs it to solving truly significant issues of life, and allows us to be an in-depth presence.