Maya Dmitrieva (Russia)


Maya Dmitrieva (Russia) - leader of the Children's Philosophical Club project (St. Petersburg), head of classes for the development of logical thinking of children, teacher of TRIZ (Theory of solving inventive problems) for primary school children, a worker in a charity organization.

Philosophical practice with children as a way to achieve a meta-subject educational result (master class)

Presentation language: Russian

Meta-subject matter as a principle of integrating the content of education ensures the formation of a holistic picture of the world in the minds of children. Practical studies of philosophy allow us to see the systemic relationships between the subject fields of various spheres of human cognition and activity. At the same time, philosophical practice forms over-subject cognitive abilities and skills, such as generalization, systematization, definition of concepts, analysis, synthesis, interpretation, argumentation, the ability to formulate a hypothesis, distinguish facts from opinions, determine the reliability of the source, identify logical inconsistencies, etc.