(NEW) Michael Noah Weiss (Norway)


Michael Noah Weiss (Norway) - PhD, associate professor at the Department of Educational Science at the University of South-Eastern Norway. He has a PhD in philosophy, edited "The Socratic Handbook" and was holding the position as vice chairman in the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice between 2015-2019.

Reflective Practice Research Dialogues: Demonstrating a Format for Research Dialogues based on Philosophical Practice (Workshop) (with Guro Hansen Helskog)

Presentation Language: English

Reflective Practice Research, as developed by Anders Lindseth, is one of the very few research approaches rooted in philosophical practice. The approach represents a form of philosophical investigation oriented towards praxis, e.g. the praxis of a professional like a teacher, a nurse etc that is examined and reflected upon. The approach is a form of research not done on or for, but with people, which makes it similar to Participatory Action Research. The focus however, is on philosophical aspects and issues. A Reflective Practice Research Dialogue represents a format or methodological approach similar to T-groups or semi-structured interviews in other research approaches. The purpose of the dialogue is to gather as well as to reflect philosophically upon empirical data together with the respective practitioners. In other words, it is one step in the research process, which will later be followed up by steps involving in depth analysis and dissemination. This format was tried out at the University of South-Eastern Norway together with different professionals from the education sector where experiences from their work practice were philosophically investigated. The intention was to get a deeper understanding of these experiences and with that to improve as practitioners. It is also used with teacher students as part of their philosophical essay writing assignments. In this session the Reflective Practice Research Dialogue is demonstrated with a volunteer from the audience.

Philosophical Practice and Research (Panel session)

In recent years, more and more philosophical practitioners got active in the field of academic research. Today one can find a wide spectrum of research projects on, for and even with philosophical practice. In this panel session, some of these projects as well as the research approaches behind them, are presented and discussed. A central question investigated will be what the future of philosophical practice might look like in the context of research?

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Michael Noah Weiss

Panel members: Prof. em. Anders Lindseth, Asst. Prof. Donata Romizi, Prof. José Barrientos Rastrojo, Assoc. Prof. Guro Hansen Helskog