Michael Noah Weiss (Norway)

Michael Noah Weiss (Norway) - PhD, associate professor at the Department of Educational Science at the University of South-Eastern Norway. He has a PhD in philosophy, edited "The Socratic Handbook" and was holding the position as vice chairman in the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice between 2015-2019.

"Know thyself" - a guided imagery (TED style presentation)

Presentation Language: English

Imagery exercises have long tradition in philosophy (see i.e. P. Hadot). In this TED talk a short guided imagery on the Socratic "Know thyself" (gnothi seauton) is presented and carried out. This imagery investigates the topic of self-knowledge in a practice-oriented and experiential manner and the audience can participate actively interest exercise or just listen to it passively. The purpose of this session is to get to know a slightly different exercise for philosophical practice and to philosophize by means of associative and creative thinking.