(NEW) Mike Roth (Germany)


Mike Roth (Germany) - PhD, Konstanz University / Sinn Praxis Bodensee, co-organizer of the 14th ICPP

Philosophical Practice 6 (2019), Konstanz; PHILOSOPHIERE! (Roth / Hein, eds.); The SPECIAL HERZEN Edition 6.1 - interactive READER 2020 (Book Presentation)

Presentation Language: English

The SPECIAL HERZEN Edition 6.1 - interactive READER 2020

Well-being (Bulatović)

Practice & Counseling (Penner)

Doing philosophy together (Roth & Mok-Wendt)

Seeing and Interpretation ( Horne & Roth)

Philo Ritual (Hofmann)

PhiloDrama (Mok-Wendt / Roth / Penner)

The Liguria Retreat (Roth)

The I. Brando Retreat (Roth & Penner)

The III. Brando Retreat: Turning Wheel (Roth)

PhiloDrama: Greta acts (Schreiber/Mok-W./Roth /Zavala)

Socratic walk (Zoran Kojčić)


Doing philosophy together: narrative philosophy (Michael Hampe 2020), At the Existentialist Café (Sarah Bakewell 2016) vs. Eilenberger on Beauvoir 2020, fictional practitioners (Leon de Haas) & philodrama (Workshop) 

Narrative Philosophy is a relatively young new branch on the old tree of philosophical literature. It combines literary traits with written philosophy. BakewelI as well as Eilenberger deliver biographically oriented contributions to the history of philosophy. For the perspective of bibliotherapy cf.Doing philosophy together, Roth & Mok-Wendt, thanks to Ran Lahav and Willi Fillinger. As to philodrama see the video of my workshop at last year's ICPP. I am asking Regina Penner and Neil Horne to help simulating this last format with me in the 2021 workshop. A way to make use of "the Existentialist Café" & Eilenbergers presentation of 4 great figures in the philosophy of the 20th century: Hannah Arendt - Simone de Beauvoir - Ayn Rand - Simone Weil could be in formats inspired by Leon de Haas 2020, trying to create them as fictional philosophical practitioners in consulting and/or philodrama as a group activity.