Nadzeya Ilyushenka (Belarus)


Nadzeya Ilyushenka (Belarus) - Researcher of Knowledge Мanagement Centre at Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Co-executor of the project "Philosophical Counseling: Methodological Foundations, Principles of Implementation and Development Prospects in the Republic of Belarus" (2014-2016), co-executor of the project "Philosophy in the structure of innovative technologies of school education: conceptual foundations, methodological tools, development prospects in the Republic of Belarus" (2018-2020).

Philosophical language learning as a means of independent thinking development (Lecture) 

Presentation language: Russian

The lecture is in the thematic field of the conference, designated as Philosophy for Children. The lecture will examine the specifics of the philosophical language. The basic linguistic tools have been explicated and described, allowing expanding the usual descriptions of the world, to achieve expression of non-trivial philosophical intuitions, to outline the main directions of philosophical search. Particular attention will be paid to such techniques as the use of metaphors, tautologies (a vicious circle in the definition) in philosophical texts, as well as step-by-step, gradual refinement of thought by introducing the so-called "operational concepts." In conclusion, we will give an example of the study of the language of philosophy in the framework of the program of additional education for children and adolescents "Green Sun" (team of authors: N. S. Ilyushenko, N. A. Kutuzova, D. Kutuzov, O. I. Davydik).