Naira Danielyan (Russia)


Naira Danielyan (Russia) - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science, National Research University "Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology"; the area of scientific interests is ontology and the theory of knowledge, the philosophy of science and technology.

Modern Philosophical Practice through Aristotle's Ideas (Lecture) 

Presentation Language: English

The author provides a comparative analysis of Aristotle's epistemology and modern scientific ideas concerning the process of cognition. Following Aristotle's ideas, we can state that he implied the separation of a researcher and an object examined. However, today it has been proved that subject and object determine each other and form an integrated system. The main feature of Aristotle's epistemology was to get truthful knowledge. But nowadays the epistemological process is directed to the recognition of existence of different irreducible to each other positions that have been obtained during its realization. It is offered to consider the reality as a multi-layer and multi-level one. Knowledge of subjects about objects will be different for every level of cognition, but it will be interconnected. It's possible to conclude that Aristotle made an enormous contribution to the formation and further development of epistemology and his works turned out to be the starting point for current ideas about cognitive operations, and their methods and results.