Nikolai Omelchenko (Russia)


Nikolai Omelchenko (Russia) - Doctor of Philosophy, professor, initiator and organizer of four international conferences "Man in Modern Philosophical Concepts" (1998,2000, 2004, 2007) (the last forum was held under the auspices of UNESCO), editor-in-chief of the journal on philosophical anthropology " Reflections "(2010-2012), member of the editorial board, guest editor of Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK).

The specifics of philosophical therapy (poster presentation) 

Presentation language: Russian

The specificity of philosophical therapy is the ascension of the human spirit to the essence of being through philosophical reflections, intuitions and insights. Philosophy immanently contains a therapeutic component and therefore is able to heal a person, fill him with new forces - intellectual, emotional, volitional. Philosophical therapy includes questioning about life and the world, but does not boil down to psychotherapy. The essence of philosophical therapy is in thinking about the essence of being. Through this thinking, the human spirit joins the world Logos, the objective spirit or the objective essence of being, and thereby strengthens itself, nourishes itself with this external and infinite power. The basic principle of philosophical counseling: the subjective spirit must "connect" to the objective spirit. In this case, man himself must connect himself with the objective essence of being. The consultant is only an assistant, a moderator of this process. A person does not need someone else's intellect, he wants and can live his own mind. Consequently, philosophical conversation should serve to develop and strengthen the autonomy of the individual mind and feelings, the freedom and independence of the personal spirit. In the independent activity of the personal spirit is the spiritualization of personality. Thanks to philosophy, a person is transformed. In practical philosophy, all approaches are good: from individual consultation to group seminars or interactive lectures. Philosophical therapy allows for various formats: traditional consultation on philosophy, productive "treatment by conversation", reasoned life tips, pleasant conversation for the soul, and other spiritual practices. At the same time, the main guideline remains: understanding the essence of phenomena, human comprehension of his self through philosophical reflection or metaphysical insight.