(NEW) Nikolay Khmyrov (Russia)


Nikolay Khmyrov (Russia) - an independent researcher, developer and host of assessment and training programs in Russian and Western companies, an expert on the assessment of the federal project "Russia - a country of opportunities" ("Leaders of Russia", "Masters of Hospitality", "Science"), practical philosopher, methodologist and leader of projects for the assessment and development of thinking (St. Petersburg).

Presentation language: Russian / English

Does business need philosophical practice? Understanding the corporate experience (Presentation)

Maria Dmitrieva and Nikolai Khmyrov will talk about the fate of two corporate programs in philosophical practice: Think Broadly and Steadfast Mind. Let's discuss the following questions:

Where did the idea to offer philosophy for business come from?

To what extent is the business really interested in executives thinking more broadly?

Why does business need a philosophy?

Can a philosophy be necessary for an employee, but not unnecessary and even harmful for a company? And vice versa? 

"Hermeneutics of the Subject" on the hermeneutics of the client (Panel discussion)

Can Foucault's famous lecture series Hermeneutics of the Subject (1982) help us understand who the client of philosophical counseling is? How relevant is this answer: "the client of philosophical counseling is the one who "takes care of himself"?

We invite you to discuss! Intended Topics:

three types of client path in Foucault's Hermeneutics of the Subject; answers from different eras

what do we understand today about PC clients?

Are all people potential clients of PC?

is it possible to "prepare" clients for philosophical practice?

the client in the digital post-Covid era: the fourth way?

Moderator: Nikolay Khmyrov

Participants: Artur Krasyukov, Yulia Monina, Andrey Sizov