Olga Ivanova (Russia)


Olga Ivanova (Russia) - Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor of South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University

Philosophical consulting as a logomanagement tool in an organization (Interactive presentation in the TED style) 

Presentation language: Russian

Logomanagement is management based on common sense - rational and logical basis of values and management decisions. Logomanagement takes into account the possible impact of the employee's personal sense on his or her attitude to work, the necessity of meaningful work and the employee's awareness of his or her own contribution to the organization's activity, the employee's understanding of the sense of interaction with colleagues at work, recognition of the value of interaction, the confirmation of employee engagement in his attitude to labor. Philosophical consulting is an intelligent HRM service that integrates the tools of philosophical practice and management. The skills of critical thinking are methodologically used in analytical and design management tools. For example, when diagnosing the root causes of problems in the form of a fish bone diagram, SWOT analysis, brainstorming techniques and yellow box techniques, ensuring a continuous productive relationship between thinking and practice and improving decision-making in the chain: clarity of thinking (in language) - behavior - organizational effect. Philosophical consulting is practiced in the community in strategic dialogue aimed at involving different stakeholders in the rational and emotional development of ideas. As a logomanagement tool, philosophical consulting enables the creation of an environment that encourages and supports reflection. Namely: to understand and recognize the presence of many factors and the high rate of changes affecting the management decision, to take into account and clarify the uncertainty of the actual situation, when important information is not defined, future results are not clear and the sense of events are ambiguous. This intellectual service is relevant in VUCA-world.