(NEW) Оne-day online courses "Foundation of Philosophical Counseling" (after the conference)


A set for one-day online courses "Foundation of Philosophical Counseling" is announced, dedicated to the use of unique authoring techniques. The leader of courses is Lydia Amir - Professor of Philosophy, the President of the Israeli Association for Philosophical Practice (with Ora Gruengaard) and the Editor at Lexington publishing of the book series Philosophical Practice along her work as board member of the APPA journal, the journal of Humanities Therapies and of the Journal of the Korean Association for Philosophical Practice. Lydia Amir will introduce in lectures and exercise through workshops the method she uses in her philosophical practice consultations with individuals, couples, families and organizations. After the method she offers is probed by the participants, Amir will introduce additional topics she specializes in: the benefits academic research and teaching get from the experience of consultation, the non- competitive position philosophical practice holds in relation to psychology and other therapeutic disciplines, the role of sexuality in practicing the good life and of humor in relation to the main issues involved in the human condition.

A French-Israeli Associate Professor of Philosophy, with Russian roots, who along her academic career has initiated in 1992 and maintained since regular activities of philosophical practice for individuals, couples, families and organizations, she teaches now at Tufts University in Boston, USA. She has published extensively both on academic and practical philosophy including two books on philosophical practice (Rethinking Philosophers' Responsibility [2017] and Taking Philosophy Seriously [2018]) and two anthologies she edited (2017) and co edited on the topic (2015). Her last book addresses the thorny problem of the capacity of philosophy to approach the human condition (2019). Some of her work has been translated in Russian and she hopes for further cooperation with Russian universities and associations for philosophical practice.