(NEW) One-day online courses "Foundation of Philosophical Counseling" (before the conference)


A set for one-day online courses "Foundation of Philosophical Counseling" is announced, dedicated to How to develop an empirical and rigorous research project on Philosophical Practice with inmates, and very poor children and old people. The leader of courses is José Barrientos-Rastrojo, who leaded the first research empirical project on Philosophical Practice in Prisons (BOECIO Project) and a second one with very poor children and old people in the world (DIÓGENES Project), funded by the European Union. Courses aims to expose (1) the bases of the philosophical sessions with despised people (inmates, children and teenagers living in very poor and dangerous neighborhoods and poor old people), (2) to explain their particular profiles and (3) how it affects the workshops and (4) to study how to establish a formal program to work with them. In addition, it will focus on the principal points for developing a rigorous research project on Philosophical Practice. Finally, one or two real Philosophical Practice workshops will be developed in the sessions.

José Barrientos-Rastrojo is Full Professor at the University of Seville, Editor of the International Journal on Philosophical Practice HASER. Barrientos-Rastrojo has researched at Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Chicago, Cambridge University, the University of Tokio, and the University of São Paulo, among others. He started to work in this field in 1999 from them he has carried out dozens of philosophical consultations and workshops in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The author's book (in Spanish) on the topic of the courses and the author's video with the presentation of the courses.