(NEW) One-day online courses "Foundation of Philosophical Counseling" (before the conference)


A set for one-day online courses "Foundation of Philosophical Counseling" is announced, dedicated to the use of unique authoring techniques. The leader of courses is Ora Gruengard (Israel) - PhD, Shenkar College (Ramat Gan), the President of the Israeli Association for Philosophical Practice (with Lydia Amir). Ora Gruengard is practicing philosophical counseling since 1992. Her approach reflects her conviction that a critical exploration of tacit presuppositions, values and fallacies can help individuals cope with confusions, dilemmas and crises in their personal life as much as professional communities - including philosophical counselors - in their theoretical research and practice.

Ora Gruengard studied philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and also the Universies of Lille and of Paris (France). She worked for a while (in France and in Israel) in economic research, but was mainly engaged with philosophical research. Ora Gruengard dedicated years to a critical exploration of the philosophical presuppositions, latent values as well as methodological problems in historiography and hermeneutics, social sciences and psychoanalysis.  

Courses will be held on July 26, 2021 in online mode.

Registration for courses is carried out in advance. Registration deadlines - until April 30, 2021. The number of seats is limited. The cost of the courses is 50 US dollars. The language of the courses is English / Russian.