Online Conference on Philosophical Practice (July 28-31, 2020)


Philosophical practice for self-knowledge by means of intellectual creativity

South Ural State University (National Research University)

Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen

Association of philosophers-practitioners "Ratio"

The event is held with the financial support of the RFBR, project No. 20-011-22002 

Conference Program Committee:

Borisov S.V. (Russia) (chairman), Amir L. (Israel) (vice chairman), Anatasopolus K. (Greece), Achenbach G. (Germany), Barrientos J. (Spain), Brenifier O. (France), Weiss M. ( Norway), Kono T. (Japan), Cohan W. (Brazil), Lindseth A. (Norway), Marinelli D. (Italy), Marinoff L. (USA), Pollastry N. (Italy), Rhee Y. (South Korea), Roth M. (Germany), Sumiacher D. (Argentina), Tillmanns M. (USA), Fatic A. (Serbia), de Haas L. (Netherlands), Helskog G. (Norway), Houni P. ( Finland), Chernenko V. (Russia), Staude D. (Switzerland), Shukla A. (India) 

Conference Organizing Committee:

Borisov S.V. (chairman), Svetlov R.V. (vice chairman), Alexandrova L.D., Bogdanova V.O., Gladyshev V.I., Grednovskaya E.V., Dydrov A.A., Emchenko E.P., Kamalieva I.R., Klenovskaya V.A., Milyaeva E.G., Pashchenko O.V., Rezvushkin K.E., Chernenko V. 


Online Conference on Philosophical Practice "Philosophical practice for self-knowledge by means of intellectual creativity"

Moscow time is in the schedule, be attentive! 

Date: 07/28/2020

12:00 Conference Opening (Language: Russian / English) Room

13:00 Panel discussion: Professional responsibility of a philosophy practitioner (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Sergey (

Moderator: Alexandra Konoplyanik (Russia / UK)

Participants: Ora Gruengard (Israel), Pia Houni (Finland), Aleksandar Fatic (Serbia), Leon de Haas (The Netherlands), Nikolai Omelchenko (Russia), Lydia Amir (Israel)

Lectures followed by discussion:

15:00 Ora Gruengard (Israel) In times of corona: Does philosophy really matter? (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Kirill (

16:30 Pia Houni (Finland) Philosophical Practice and Social Responsibility (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Katya (

18:00 Antonio Sandu (Romania) Philosophical Practice in Times of Pandemic (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Sergey (

19:00 Workshops (in different rooms at the same time):

Lyudmila Sirotkina (Kaliningrad) Logical culture of thinking: conditions and development strategies in philosophy for children (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Anastasiya (

Regina Penner, Ekaterina Milyaeva (Chelyabinsk) Experience of philosophical meditation in the conditions of "self-isolation" during a pandemic (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Veronika (

Anastasia Avdieva (Moscow) The use of practical philosophy tools for the development of creative and critical thinking in children (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Karina (

Date: 07/29/2020

11:00 Workshops (in different rooms at the same time):

Giancarlo Marinelli (Italy) From concepts to the ideas (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Anna (

Lyudmila Belyaeva, Irina Chugaeva (Yekaterinburg) Philosophical and communicative practices as technologies for searching for personal identity in the educational process (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Ekaterina (

Lara Kurygina (Moscow) Interpretation. Work with a picture (Language: Russian) RoomTechnical assistance: Anastasiya (

Julia Lazareva (Moscow) Message to the World (Language: Russian) RoomTechnical assistance: Sophia (

13:00 Lecture followed by discussion 

Oscar Brenifier (France) Availability as a value of morality and action. Demonstration of Philosophical Consultation (Language: English with translation into Russian) RoomTechnical assistance: Kirill (

15:30 Panel discussion: Philosophical Practice and Bildung (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Regina (

Moderator: Michael Noah Weiss (Norway)

Participants: Anders Lindseth (Norway), Donata Romisi (Austria), Jose Barrientos (Spain), David Sumiacher (Argentina), Guro Hansen Helskog (Norway)

Lectures followed by discussion:

17:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

Leon de Haas (The Netherlands) A Contemporary Socrates (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Kirill (

Naira Danielyan (Moscow) Modern Philosophical Practice through Aristotle's Ideas (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Karina (

18:30 (in different rooms at the same time):

David Sumiacher (Argentina) Philosophical practice with corporal actions (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Anastasiya (

Sergey Borisov (Chelyabinsk) The birth of "deep philosophy" from the spirit of "onto-designing" (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Veronika (

20:00 Shanti Jones (USA) How your Personal Growth can Outstrip the Growth of any Virus (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Sophia (

Date: 07/30/2020

Lectures followed by discussion:

12:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

Natalya Artemenko (St. Petersburg) Practicing self and / or "self-care": from the antique epimeleia heautou to the subject of trauma (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Sergey (

Lydia Amir (Israel) The Human Condition: The Tragic Sense of Life in Philosophy and Its Practice (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Regina (

13:30 (in different rooms at the same time):

Aleksandar Fatić (Serbia) The logic of integrative psychotherapy (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Kirill (

Vladislav Gurenko (Moscow) The conflict of speech and text in Greek philosophy (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Veronika (

15:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

Jose Barrientos (Spain) How is Philosophical Practice working with people at risk of social exclusion and on the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG)? (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Katya (

Maria Volodina (Moscow) Self-consultation or how to ask yourself questions (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Ekaterina (

16:30 (in different rooms at the same time):

Jörn Kroll (USA) The Diamond Approach: A Psychodynamic Epistemology for Knowing Yourself (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Karina (

Young Rhee (Korea) Being and Relation in the Posthuman Age (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Sophia (

18:00 Panel discussion: Philosophical Practice in Prison: BOETIUS Project (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Sergey (

Moderator: Jose Barrientos (Spain)

Participants: Ángel Alonso Salas (Mexico), Edson Renato Nardi (Brazil)

19:30 Workshops (in different rooms at the same time):

Federico Emmanuel Mana (Argentina) The method: an inevitable bridge in philosophical counseling (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Anna (

Mike Roth (Germany) On an interactive READER for the ICPP (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Regina (

André Almeida (Brazil) Creating an International Network for the Sharing of Experiences and Cooperation on Philosophical Practice (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Anastasiya (

Vladislav Gurenko (Moscow) The Exercise "Diaresis" (διαρεσης) (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Veronika (

Date: 07/31/2020

11:00 Round table: Do we act if we know? (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Sergey (

Participants: Ho Yeong Lee (Korea), Sooyon Hur (Korea), Myeongbin Kim (Korea), Young Ki Kim (Korea), Natalya Artemenko (St. Petersburg), Sergey Borisov (Chelyabinsk)

Lectures followed by discussion:

13:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

Gulnara Shalagina (Kazan) Practical philosophy and philosophical practice: intersection paths in informal education (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Veronika (

Victoria Chernenko (Russia) The art of interpretation - archeology of a subject (Workshop) (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Regina (

14:30 Jorge Humberto Dias, Thiago González Pita (Portugal) Evaluation of philosophical consultations in Portugal (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Kirill (

16:00 (in different rooms at the same time):

Nadzeya Ilyushenka (Belarus) Philosophical language learning as a means of independent thinking development (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Ekaterina (

André Almeida (Brazil) A Model for Using Philosophical Practice as a way of Supporting Business Executives During Crises (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Anastasiya (

18:00 Workshops (in different rooms at the same time):

Carmen Zavala (Peru) Why a Philosophical Café is a perfect setting for Philosophical Practice (Language: English) Room Technical assistance: Sergey (

Vladimir Klimentyev (St. Petersburg) Seminar on the history of philosophy as a format for philosophical practice (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Karina (

Sergey Ladushkin (St. Petersburg) Philosophical counseling as a business: experience of co-analytics (Language: Russian) Room Technical assistance: Sophia (

Olga Ivanova (Chelyabinsk) Philosophical consulting as a logomanagement tool in an organization (Language: Russian) Room Veronika ( 

20:00 Closing of the conference (Language: Russian / English) Room