Oscar Brenifier (France)


Oscar Brenifier (France) - PhD in Philosophy, philosopher-consultant, founder of the Institute of Practical Philosophy (Paris). He has been promoting philosophical practice for 25 years in more than 50 countries of the world. The author of more than 30 books for adults and children. He specializes in philosophical counseling, philosophy for children, philosophy in business, individual trainings on the development of thinking.

Availability as a value of morality and action. Demonstration of Philosophical Consultation (Lecture) 

Presentation language: English (with translation into Russian)

As an ethical principle, Zhuangzi offers us the concept of availability. For him, being available goes beyond specific moral principles, for example, "not to lie" or "not to harm others," which have only limited and indirect value, as we can observe this daily. The same applies to actions or communication, where the rules apply only in certain circumstances. For example, caution makes little sense in an urgent situation. Or courage, which turns into recklessness when the danger is too great. Availability is the ability to assess a situation and determine the type of adequate action or reaction. It involves the ability of the subject to distance himself, the ability to assess the situation and the plasticity of thinking.