Philosophical Practice Section at the 25th World Congress of Philosophy (Rome, 1-8 August 2024)


Dear colleagues,

With great pleasure we greet you and extend the invitation to participate in the 25th World Congress of Philosophy "Philosophy Across Boundaries" to be held in Rome from August 1 to 8, 2024

The World Congress of Philosophy has more than a hundred years of tradition and it is the most important academic event of the discipline. It provides an unique opportunity to gather philosophers coming from all the countries and they can propose panels, lectures, and presentations from all the topics of the philosophy. Outstanding philosophers such as Jürgen Habermas usually are there. This edition is an opportunity to reflect on proposals related to our troubling uncertainty and crippling society. It is also a way to strengthen ties and friendship with colleagues and groups from all over the world. 

This edition of the WCP includes a thematic section dedicated to philosophical practice. It will allow us to explain the theory and practice of philosophical consultations, philosophical workshops and other ways to put into practice Philosophy, to discuss the different approaches and even to perform philosophical workshops and consultations. 

Some of the topics that can be included in the section are:

• Fundamentals of philosophical practice

• Philosophical practice and counseling with people at social risk

• Philosophy in private/public institutions

• Individual philosophical counseling: approaches and proposals

• Philosophical practice and its relations with the body and corporal action

• Group philosophical counseling and workshops

• Philosophy for/with children

• Philosophical practice and psychotherapy

• Genre and philosophical practice

• Philosophy in hospitals and in health fields

• Philosophical practice applied in prisons

• Philosophy of narration and autobiographical techniques

• Philosophy as a way of life

• Philosophical practice and art workshops

• Philosophical walks

• Experiential Philosophy

• Applications of philosophical practice in its relations with the post-pandemic

• Philosophical practice and university

The deadline to receive proposals is 10 November 2023 as you can read at 

The proposals include:

• Presentation of posters linked to philosophical practice

Papers on philosophical practice

Workshops of philosophical practice

The languages allowed for participation are:







Remote participation is not allowed. 

All the information and specifications can be found:

Event Site

General information 


Paper guidelines 

Paper template  

On the other hand, we invite people to include themselves as moderators of the sessions. This will facilitate the processes of dialogue and interaction in the different spaces. If you want to participate also in this way, you can register in the following Form 

If you have any question, please send an email to any of us and we will try to answer as soon as possible. 


José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain-Mexico),

Sergey Borisov (Russia)

Giovanna Borrello (Italy)

Loredana Cardullo (Italy)

Peter Harteloh (The Netherlands)

David Sumiacher (Mexico-Argentina)

丁晓军 (China)