Philosophy and Art: Prospects, Perspectives and Practices. Exploring the Role and Relevance of the Arts in Philosophical Practice


The arts refer to - but are not limited to - the performing arts (drama, dance, music), the literary arts (prose, poetry) and the visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture). 

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for the anthology:

Philosophy and Art: Prospects, Perspectives and Practices

Exploring the Role and Relevance of the Arts in Philosophical Practice

Edited by Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox 

Philosophical practice concerns itself with the matter of living a human life. The arts too. In the continual process of human self-examination, the arts have played and still play an important role as reflective, embodied practices in what it means to lead a human life, what it means to be a human being and how humans (dis-)connect with each other. Though the arts can be a mere distraction like enjoying a night out in the theater, concert hall or museum, the arts can equally engage the human mind and body in pondering the existential paradoxes and puzzles of being.

From Aristotle to Martha Nussbaum, the value of art has mattered for the practice of philosophy. This anthology will detail how it matters and what role and relevance the arts play and can play in the practice of philosophy today. The book will delve into the interfaces between philosophy and art forms and welcomes theoretical and practical perspectives, imagined prospects for the relation between philosophy and arts as well as demonstrations of how philosophical practice interacts with and employs the arts.

For the anthology I welcome abstracts on topics relating to exploring the role and relevance of the arts in philosophical practice studied within different areas, including:

  • Themes pertaining to the uses of art forms in philosophy
  • Interventions employing the arts in a professional context
  • Artistic exercises in educational settings
  • Rethinking philosophical practice through the arts
  • The limits and pitfalls of bridging philosophy and the arts
  • Ethical issues and other philosophical issues in implementing art forms within philosophical practice

Paper proposals:
- Title; abstract of your proposed chapter (250-300 words)
- Author(s) name (s); institutional affiliation; e-mail
- Bio/bibliographical note (max. 150 words).

Please submit your proposal to Jeanette B. L. Knox ( by July 4th 2022

The anthology is intended for the series on 'Philosophical Practice' by Lexington. Editor-in-chief of the series is Lydia Amir. The audience is academic philosophers, practicing philosophers, graduate students and professionals interested in philosophical practice and the arts.

The publisher expects an academic book with footnotes, references, etc. Each chapter will be 5.500-6.000 words long. First draft is due tentatively by February 1st 2023. Peer review process of all drafts with comments to authors by June 1st 2023. Deadline for submitting final draft is October 15th 2023. Publication is estimated in 2024. Length of anthology: 12-14 chapters.

It is the individual author's responsibility to have their text proof read before final submission.

Yours, Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox

The editor:

Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox is Associate Professor in Medical Ethics and Health Humanities at the Faculty of Medicine, Copenhagen University. She has a PhD in philosophy with additional degrees in Theater Studies and Religious Studies (all from Copenhagen University). She is former president of the Danish Society for Philosophical Practice (2011-2018), presently board member of the Danish Society for Clinical Ethics (2012- ), member of the Clinical Ethics Committee for Pediatrics at the University Hospital of Copenhagen (2012- ), Steering Committee member of the Nordic Network for Narratives in Medicine (2017- ) and member of Narrative Medicine International (2021- ).

Knox's monograph on the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel's concrete ontology (The University Press of Southern Denmark, 2003) was the first book in Danish to be devoted to his thinking. She has edited several anthologies (English and Danish), e.g. 5 Questions: Philosophical Practice by Automatic Press 2012. In addition to her academic works on the relationship between philosophy, art/creativity and medicine, she writes fiction, e.g. a children's book about a girl losing her grandmother accompanied with a textbook on how to philosophize with children about death and dying (Frydenlund, 2011 - written in Danish; published in Czech in 2017 and is in the process of being translated into English). In 2018, she had her first collection of poetry published, A Requiem for the Living (No Frills Buffalo Publishing, 2018).

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