Regina Penner, Ekaterina Milyaeva (Russia)


The experience of philosophical meditation in the conditions of "self-isolation" during a pandemic (Workshop)

Presentation language: Russian

Regina Penner (Russia) - Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Philosophy of the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), since 2016 has been actively involved in the international movement of philosophical practice, a member of several international schools and retreats on philosophical counseling and philosophical partnership, co-organizer project 4Self

Ekaterina Milyaeva (Russia) - Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), co-organizer of the 4Self project

The workshop will present methods of self-cultivation based on the methods of philosophical practice, combining the rational efforts of working on oneself with meditative methods of concentration and relaxation. The specificity of the method of philosophical practice proposed at the workshop - philosophical meditation - lies in the necessary appeal to the inner world, combining rational philosophical methods (understanding, analysis, interpretation of a philosophical text) with the methods of traditional meditative practices based on concentration of consciousness.