(NEW) Riella Morhayim (Turkey)


Riella Morhayim (Turkey) - Boğaziçi University-Philosophy (BA), IDC Herzliya - Organizational Psychology (MA) & Tel Aviv University-Philosophy (MA). Since 2008, working on Philosophical Counseling and Practices, participated in many training and conferences in Turkey, the Netherlands, Israel, France, and Switzerland. In 2015, her article was published in the book "Women in Philosophical Counseling: The Anima of Thought in Action", published by Lexington Publishing House, where 18 women philosophers from 12 different countries took part. Under the name of "Unlocking Practices", she practices philosophy as personal development and problem-solving technique. She offers Philosophical Counseling services to individuals, couples, groups, institutions, and organizations in 3 languages: English, Turkish and Hebrew. Also, she gives training on Philosophical Counseling and Philosophy with Children, as well as facilitates Philosophical Practice workshops with children, educators, parents and employees and managers in different fields.

Presentation language: English

Philosophical Counseling On Anxiety (Workshop)

Experiencing Anxiety? Or do you need to deepen and develop the concept of anxiety? So, how about joining our group philosophical counseling session? Philosophical Counseling enables participants to examine the questions and problems; which they associate with the concept of anxiety, in a peaceful, safe, and respectful environment. By using the philosophy itself as a method, it offers guidance to the participants to benefit from the philosophical wisdom in their daily lives. The main aim of this Philosophical Counseling Group is to facilitate the participants to discover the causes of the anxiety and the problems -difficulties-associated with this concept and find the most suitable and creative solutions for them. It is not a traditional philosophy lesson or group therapy. It is creative, fun, and inspiring, as it offers tools to apply philosophical competencies and techniques to everyday life. It is an authentic process of healing and development. It has been structured and enriched by using ancient and contemporary methods; as well as by taking into account the needs of each participant one by one and as a group.