(NEW) Sergey Borisov (Russia)


Sergey Borisov (Russia) - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Practical and Applied Philosophy of the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), Head of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies of the South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University (Chelyabinsk), President of the Association of Philosophers practitioners "Ratio", leader of philosophical cafe.

The birth of "deep philosophy" from the spirit of "onto-designing" (Lecture)

Presentation language: Russian

The lecture outlines the basic principles of "deep philosophy" - one of the areas of modern philosophical practice. The author considers these principles in the context of the phenomenological model of "ontodesigning". The author gives a detailed explanation of the main concepts of "deep philosophy", such as "deep dimension", "contemplation", "personality", "resonance", etc. from the position of correlation of the ontic and ontological, the world of "in-itself" and the world of "for-itself."

Philosophy as a personal project (Workshop)

The worldview function of philosophy is revealed by the author in the context of spiritual practices that develop the ability of self-knowledge. These practices are a condition for spiritual health and educate epistemic virtues.