Sun-Hye Kim (South Korea)


Sun-Hye Kim (South Korea) - PhD, Doctor of Philosophy, Free University Berlin (Germany), Professor in Department of Philosophy of Kangwon National University, Supervisor for Philosophical Counseling of Korean Society of Philosophical Practice, Director of Korean Nietzsche-Society

Nietzsche's the Self as a creative Midwife and 'Self-Praxis' (Presentation)

Presentation Language: English

This presentation seeks to take note of the human concept based on reason and body as the new subject of philosophy practice in order to expand the rational-centered subject of philosophy practice. To this end, I would like to present the concept of 'the self' (das Selbst) that penetrates the human concepts of Nietzsche philosophy such as body, Dionysus, Overman, Zarathustra, etc. The extent to which the two pillars of philosophical practice, the philosophical midwife and the philosophical mother, are expanded is correlated with the extent to which philosophical practice. Therefore, research on extended human beings is needed to extend philosophical practice beyond critical and understanding dimensions to productive and creative dimensions. This presentation presents a philosophical midwifery that promotes this extended human. In particular, I would like to introduce a case of self-praxis, which applies the concept of the self to philosophical practice, which can help the philosophical mother expand herself.