Svetlana Lyutova (Russia)


Svetlana Lyutova (Russia) - PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of the Philosophy Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

Psychotherapy of "metaphysical intoxication" (Presentation of the book) 

Presentation Language: Russian

The empirical study was conducted by the author on a sample of 50 volunteers (university students, 17-19 years old), divided into two groups with in order to identify personal risk factors for the formation of the educational and training system of cognitive addiction. This kind of behavioral addiction under certain external conditions can affect the most intellectually gifted and professionally most promising part of young people. This is all the more dangerous because it belongs to socially acceptable and even socially desirable (at early stages) addictions. Timely revealing of risk factors of development of painful dependence on process of study and all-absorbing dependence on processes of cognition and creative thinking will allow carrying out correction of these characteristics of the person by psychotherapeutic methods that will allow experts to return to fruitful activity of potential elite of a society.