(NEW) Tae Hee Kim (South Korea)


Tae Hee Kim (South Korea) - Graduate student of the Department of Philosophy, Kangwon National University. Completed the master's course in art education at the Graduate School of Education, Daegu National University of Education. I am currently enrolled in the Ph.D program at Kangwon National University in Korea. I major in Eastern Philosophy. I am working on the BK4 (Brain Korea 21) project in the Department of Philosophy at Kangwon National University and the P4C Philosophy Practice Education Research.

An Investigation on Chun Gyeong-ja's Paintings Containing the Idea of San Yu or Chang Yu (Presentation)

Presentation language: English

Unlike traditional oriental painting techniques, Gyeong-ja Chun established an original style by expressing the flow of inner consciousness with simple lines and brilliant colors. She mainly drew works with snakes, flowers, and women. She symbolically expressed her own hate emotions by projecting herself onto these her paintings. She seems to have gained mental freedom through this, transcending her pain and sorrow in real life. In other words, it is presumed that Gyeong-ja Chun was playing in the spirit world of absolute freedom by sublimating his inner pain into art. In this respect, Gyeong-ja Chun's paintings are free from the constraints of reality. It can be seen that it is in the same vein with the ideology of the who pursues the state of absolute freedom. In order to examine the thesis based on these philosophical thoughts, the writer first examines the thoughts of the first need for the first time, divided into the spirit of the art and the reason for his artistic thoughts, and then analyzes the background of his work activities in relation to the paintings of Gyeong-ja Chun, and then analyzes the background of his work in relation to the paintings of Gyeong-ja Chun. Explains the characteristics of the painting style of the in depth.