(NEW) Taisiya Kondratyeva (Russia)


Taisiya Kondratyeva (Russia) - philosophical practitioner, critical thinking coach. Currently studying in the Master program "Philosophical counseling and consultancy" in the West University of Timisoara (Romania), has previous background in "Philosophical counseling of Oscar Brenifier" and in "Logotherapy and existential analysis". Conducting individual philosophical consultations and workshops online with clients from Russia, Europe and Asia; hold series of offline critical thinking workshops for primary school teachers in AFFRA School in Trivandrum (Kerala, India); workshops for actors - implementing critical thinking in art; conducting are search on the impact of regular practice of philosophical exercises on a person's life.

Philosophical exercises as a regular self-reflective practice - impact analysis (Presentation)

Presentation language: English 

Different philosophical practitioners among diverse approaches are using philosophical exercises as a supplemental or even main tool in their practice. Mostly those exercises imply some externally provided information - texts needed to be analyzed, questioned or summarized or questions implying argumentative answers. Those answers can be objectively verified and exercises intended to develop certain critical thinking skills. So in a way this is narrowing down encounters with philosophical exercises to a necessity or an intention to develop such skills, within the consultation process or if personally initiated. Whereas current research is intended to examine those philosophical exercises which need nothing else then the person himself and might be practiced by anyone regardless of their intention to develop certain skills or being or not into any consultation process. An idea is to openly examine which consequences, if any, a regular practice of such self-reflecting exercises might cause in a person's life, and if possible to evaluate whether those people after the end of an experiment will continue to do those exercises once in a while on their own.