(NEW) Taisiya Kondratyeva (Russia)


Taisiya Kondratyeva (Russia) - philosophical practitioner, critical thinking coach. She gained her background in the MA "Philosophical counseling and consultancy», West University of Timisoara (Romania), "Philosophical counseling» program of Oscar Brenifier and in Diploma program "Logotherapy and existential analysis» (Moscow/Vienna). Taisiya has experience in conducting individual philosophical consultations and workshops online with clients from Russia, Europe and Asia; being a tutor in PP educational programs; holding series of offline critical thinking workshops for primary school teachers in AFFRA School in Trivandrum (Kerala, India); workshops for actors - implementing critical thinking in art. At the moment she is interested in the reaching balance between being critical and sensual; and in establishing an international ongoing contact between philosophical practitioners.

Educational programs in philosophical practice. What is problematic about them? (Discussion) 

Presentation language: English 

During my presentation and further discussion I would address you the issues I've faced while exploring international educational programs in philosophical counseling and while attending some of them personally myself.

- What is problematic about existing educational programs in PP?

- Do we need to modify them, to leave them as they are, to create another?

- What elements are crucial for PP program?

- What we consider as "practice"? Conducting a consultation, a workshop or philosophizing about the text? 

I invite you to discuss those questions and to contribute your vision about them!

Space for worldwide collaboration: The Philosophical Practice Hub Project (Presentation)

Philosophical Practice (PP), a rapidly growing field of professional activity, is internally diverse and currently highly fragmented. We believe the field would benefit from having an online place (equidistant from any particular PP method) offering a well-structured, user-friendly, dynamic overview/ map of the field, its subareas, main approaches, their similarities and differences. To meet this need, a group of practitioners (inspired by a workshop at ICPP2020) is launching the Philosophical Practice Hub Project (website) to serve a double purpose of (1) providing conveniently navigable, comparable information to aspiring and experienced PP practitioners, as well as to the prospective clients, and (2) fertilizing collaboration between practitioners and schools of PP. At ICPP2021 the PPHP team will be presenting the project, the prototype of the website and our current bird's-eye view of the industry, inviting comments, suggestions and a number of forms of contribution to the project by members of the PP professional community. 

Key speakers: 

André L. Santos de Almeida (Brazil)

Taisiya Kondratyeva (Russia)

Alexandra Konoplyanik (Russia/UK)

Agatha (Lan-Fang) Liu (Taiwan/UK) 

Aleksa Babic (Serbia)