Tatyana Simonova (Russia)


Tatyana Simonova (Russia) - candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, director of the Lyceum of Philosophy of Planetary Humanism (Samara)

Philosophy for children (Interactive presentation in the TED style) 

Presentation language: Russian

The idea of ​​"planetary humanism" can be realized through the formation of ecocentric environmental consciousness of the individual. It is known that when humanity was on the verge of an ecological crisis, it came to the realization that it was possible to change the situation for the better only by fundamentally changing worldview and value orientations. On the basis of knowledge, the level of emotional perception and relationships with nature, a person forms value ideas about it, ideals and beliefs that make up the worldview of a person. In turn, the worldview and prevailing moral values ​​largely determine human behavior and activities.